Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hero or Villain?

I'm scrambling to complete projects in time for NOVA Open, so the blog is taking a back seat.  However, a few weeks back, I finished painting this fellow just in time to use him in my first demo of Pulp Alley.  Too bad I forgot to pack him in the kit to bring to the game!

Is this fellow a good guy or a bad guy?

In my original scenario, I imagined this gentleman leading a dashing crew of British Jet Rangers.  However, I then realized that my Jet Rangers were dressed in German uniforms!  D'oh!  So I had to change my scenario to suit, and my fine English gentleman had to play the role of a dastardly arch-villain.  Ultimately, I think the figure works for either one!

This figure lent itself well towards experimenting with painting techniques popularized in the mid-2000's by a real-life British gentleman, Mr. Kevin Dallimore, currently known for his work for the hit skirmish game, Frostgrave.  Mr. Dallimore builds up very opaque colors from dark to light, often using only 3 steps of gradation.  He also uses very strong darklining.  He now tends to blend more than he used to, with the characteristic 3 steps fading from view, but the style is still very distinctive.  I've been trying out this approach to force me to work more with opaque paints and to see what elements of his approach that I can incorporate into my own.

In case you're wondering, the model is from the Thrilling Tales pulp figures range, by Artizan.

OK, that's enough of a break.  Back to painting for Lord of the Rings and Dark Age....