Friday, September 21, 2018

Time flies

Wow, it's been a while since I posted!

Life has been busy.  New project at work; lots of cross-country travel for the old project; new lady-friend; etc.  But I've managed to keep plugging away at the hobby.  Just at a slower rate.  And the blog has certainly fallen lower in priority.

But, hey, here's what I've been up to.

Nothing to show for NOVA Open, actually.  I decided not to pressure myself to have an entry for the Capital Palette this year.  Which was a comfortable decision.  I just don't have the desire to compete.  That said, I could have certainly submitted something, even if I don't care about competing.  But I do care enough to submit something that is respectable, at the level of "the field".  Being that I only painted figures for gaming, I don't feel like I had anything to contribute, where I would be showing something interesting or compelling for the audience.

There was a project that I wished I could have brought to NOVA, but it was long overdue to deliver to a friend, as a gift to his wife, so it didn't make it to Labor Day, before I had to send it off.

Killyox, from the Wolfen line for Confrontation

So what about all those gaming figures?  Well, the last posts on the blog showed all the work I did for Company of Iron.  Only to have the effort fizzle after the first game.  Company of Iron has middle-of-the-road attraction for me.  I think I would enjoy playing it, but I wouldn't necessarily seek it out to play.  With so much competition for hobby/gaming time, there are so many other games that push Company of Iron to the side.

One of those games is Konflikt '47.  While I would much prefer to get my Weird World War fix from Dust Warfare or Dust 1947, the local group is playing Konflikt '47 and Bolt Action.  So I move with the flow.

Officers for Konflikt '47.  Figures by Pulp Figures.

Recently finished zombies.  Figures from Warlord Games and Westwind Productions.

So, now I'm spreading my attention across a whole host of various projects.  Here are some previews.

Proboscis-headed Germans from Achtung Cthulu!, to use for Konflikt '47.
Also, a Frog Jester for the lady-friend.  She's not so keen on proboscis-headed Germans...

A 3D-printed house, which I can use for a variety of games.  But Burrows & Badgers is the immediate motivator.

Back to ole army-painting, for Song of Ice & Fire.  The first three rows have the armor painted, but I'm not pleased with the results.  I'll be looking for another approach.  There are two more trays full of primed Lannisters, and I primed 4 or 5 more expansion boxes, as well.  Quite the weekend production, just to get all the models and the movement trays primed.

Primed figures for Burrows & Badgers.  And a frog that is almost finished. 
I love these models!  And I have high expectations for the game, as well.

Finally digging into my old Dust models, to find second life for Konflikt '47.
I'm still amazed at the quality of these models.  How could Fantasy Flight have abandoned such a phenomenal product?

Primed objective markers for Konflikt '47.  Originally for Dystopian Legions by the now-defunct Spartan Games.  Fantastic detail and very keen conceptualization for these models.