Saturday, January 24, 2015

On the move

My postings have been sparse, since I've been attending to a change of job and an associated move since the beginning of November.  I'll be attending to the latter half of this life-change for the next two months (which may impact my plans to attend Adepticon and Crystal Brush, unfortunately).

I need to deliver these figures to my buddy, Mark, before I leave.  I would have liked to have devoted more time to their faces and some other details, but I'm going to have to call them done.  They should look good on the tabletop, I think.  I hope they see many an adventure in his Metamorphosis Alpha campaign.

My buddy, Steve, and I had planned to paint our Colette crews together, before the job/move interfered with our plans.  I wanted to at least finish assembling the crew, though.  There's a deceptively large amount of work to get them to this stage:  filing, cleaning, pinning, assembling with 5-minute epoxy (long pole in the tent, that one), initial basing (including adding washers on the bottom).

The lower picture shows Mannequins and Coryphees.  Coryphees are Mannequins outfitted with blades.  It's almost impossible to find the official Coryphee models, since Wyrd Miniatures has still to re-release them in a plastic box set.  I converted mine from Mannequins by adding spare Rackham bits.  All of the arms are pinned at the shoulders, which was a bit of a trial!  But definitely worth it, given how much more solid they feel.