Saturday, May 27, 2017

Orcs of the Behemoth

I finally did the final touch-ups and took photos of the Confrontation crew that I painted up for Adepticon 2017. 

Painting all the doo-dads took forever! 
But I did enjoy painting these models.  Lots of room for color-blending.

Warrior of Stone.
This model had the honor of being dropped by both Francesco Farabi and Ben Komets...
My fault, for not telling them beforehand that it was attached to the handle with only magnets.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

New projects

I've been slow on the uptake after Adepticon, given 1) a visit to New Orleans for Jazzfest, 2) a crazy work schedule, and 3) being ill with the flu for a week.  However, I have high ambitions to prepare for NOVA Open.  My goals are:
  • Expand my Lord of the Rings forces to play the Chaos in Arda game.
  • Prepare a Dark Age crew to play the beginner's event.
  • Prepare an Arena Rex crew to play my buddies, Oko and David.
  • Prepare profile cards for Mini Mayhem to play Aaron.
  • Paint around 4 projects for Capital Palette.
I have slim hopes of achieving all these objectives, given my work schedule for the summer, but I need to at least list them all out, if I'm to have any chance whatsoever.

To throw another wrench into the mix, I promised a Facebook friend that I would paint his favorite, vintage Warhammer Ogres.  I don't normally paint for other people (since I have enough projects of my own to last through retirement), but occasionally I feel obligated to thank someone for being an awesome person.  In Sylvano's case, I respect the labor and passion that he devoted towards producing (and acting in) a video about a former Roman legionnaire.  I have to confess that he sweetened the deal by offering a few rare, Rackham minis in exchange....  But I would have done it anyway, because the ogres look like a blast to paint.

Vintage Citadel Ogres ready for priming.

For my Dark Age project, I decided to build out a crew of Salt Flat Nomads for my first Dark Age force.  I really like the realistic and unique styling of the Nomads' clothing and gear.  Kinda a cross between Dune and Star Wars.

Salt Flat Nomad Herders and a Dust Bull, for Dark Age.
More figures to come, to fill out a 500-point crew.