Monday, March 26, 2018

Tale of 3 Gamers - Deadline Delinquencies

Adepticon 2018 has come and gone, so it is time to tally our Tale.

As you may recall, the goal was for each player to paint a 25-point warband for Company of Iron, and then play a celebratory, free-for-all match-up at Adepticon.  Early on, I threw a wrinkle into the plan, as I was forced to cancel my attendance.  However, we strove onward towards our goals, with Derek and Chris carrying the torch for the game, while I persevered in the painting challenge, with an eye towards playing Chris locally in Huntsville.

Well....we all choked.

In theory, Derek actually succeeded, but, like the new, old adage says, "pics, or it didn't happen".

This is the latest photo I could find, from early February, I think.

Derek had plenty of distractions during March, including hobby-related ones (painting a warband for the new game, Twisted), family-related (vacation trip), and work-related (travel to cons).

Likewise, Chris had some hobby distractions, having joined a local escalation league to build and play an army for Bolt Action.  He also struggled with the motivation to paint all the filigree on a 10-model unit.

One unit, looking good and ready for the table-top.

And then, finally, I finished my one unit for January, got about 75% through my unit for February, and about 60% through my unit for March.

Pyg Bushwhackers.  Mission accomplished for January.

Trollkin Runeshapers.  Incomplete project for February.

Initial color-sketching.  Changed my mind on this color scheme.

Very time-consuming to build customized bases for just 3 models.
As far as I got for March.  Color-sketching and some skin work for Trollkin Scattergunners.
Initial color-sketching with the airbrush.
A lot of prep work went into just their bases.  And this was after the grueling task of prepping and assembling the models from a bajillion pieces of "restic", an unholy combination of resin and plastic, that is resistant to scraping, filing, and gluing.

Here was an interesting observation I made, while I was working on the Scattergunners.  I wanted to match the skin color to the Trollkin Kriel Warriors that I finished painting a few months back (after languishing half-painted for 8 years).  And I noticed a big difference between the newer Scattergunner models and the older Kriel Warrior models....

Can you say "scale creep"?

So, that is where we stand at the end of our formal due date.  We will continue to finish out the project.  Chris and Derek didn't manage to play at Adepticon, but they did meet up to tear through some Chicago deep-dish pizza, so that's a close second.

The three of us hope to finish up our warbands and then meet up in Atlanta for our throwdown!