Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Next project

New members for my Fishermen's Guild team...

Really looking forward to fielding Jac, the gentleman on the far right.  One of his tricks is "Ramming Speed", which turns him into a human pinball.  Should be fun to clear a lane by shoving out 3 or so opposing players, heh, heh.

Corsair, the model on the left, is an alternative Team Captain to Shark.  Corsair appears he will be a better choice to use against my regular opponent, Chris, who plays the Masons Guild.  Corsair has some good tricks to ensure ball possession, which has been a challenge for me against the Masons, who excel at stealing the ball.


  1. Is Corsair missing an arm?? That doesn't seem to bode well for ball possession!

    1. Ha, ha, no -- his shoulda-ma-pad just overhangs his arm so so much, that you can't see his arm hiding his harpoon behind his back. He's a mean mutha that way.

      He is missing a leg, though....


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