Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hobby roundup


Some gaming goodness came out of my business trip to Salt Lake City.  I came across these little gems at a comic book store.  Yeah, they're worse for wear, but for $10 a pop, it was worth it to retroactively soak in the thrill of Games Workshop's golden era, which I regrettably missed, due to my hobby detour into Magic: The Gathering.

A few Kickstarters arrived in the mail this week.  First, the Infamy One-Shot.  An awesome, limited edition, goblin cavalry rider.  I can't wait to have this guy lead the charge of my various goblin wolf-riders and chicken-riders.

Here are some new stencils by Anarchy Models.  I especially look forward to trying out the mottled pattern.

Hobby Hangouts

I've been hosting a weekly Hobby Hangout every Thursday using Google Hangouts, ever since I moved down to Huntsville a year ago.  A week ago, Kat, one of my recent attendees took the concept and cranked it up to 11, creating a Facebook Group called Hobby Hangout, which offers hobbyists around the world the option to create and/or join a Hangout at any time!

Since my work-trip caused me to miss my own Hangout this week, I was itching to paint this weekend, and I joined a couple of sessions of the Facebook Hobby Hangout on Saturday.

In my first session, I just wanted to warm up, so I worked on one of many goblins in my backlog.  This guy is one of three artillerymen who man the Goblin Spear Chucka.  He ended up serving double-duty as my new Apprentice for my Frostgrave game on Sunday!

In the second Hobby Hangout session, I worked on Sakana for Guild Ball.  I had painted his face last week.  Here, I did some color-sketching and some base-coats on the rest of the model.  Still needs plenty of work.


On Sunday, I joined a 3-player game of Frostgrave.

Old Man Tumbergrumbler leads the troops to the top of the hill and is the first to claim a treasure token.
Unfortunately, he is very exposed up there, despite successfully casting a Wall of Fog, and he is taken out with one shot by an enchanted arrow.  I ended up playing effectively the entire game without my Wizard!
An enemy warband of Mouselings.  Look at those evil little bastards, with their beady red eyes.
Don't let their "cuteness" fool you.  They're killy little bastards.
"Die, evil little Mouseling!"
A "model's-eye view" from my goblin archers.

Unfortunately, this misguided hound stood between me and my treasure.
The "dead pool" near the end of the game.  Barely any Wizards or Apprentices survived the game. 

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