Sunday, January 31, 2016

Painting Challenge wrap-up

So this is where I'm going to leave off with the Orcs of the Behemoth Challenge for now.  I did a little more work on the Warriors of the Wind after this picture was taken, and I did more work on the wicker shields. I was hoping to at least pick out one or two models and completely finish them this weekend, but the time and motivation just didn't reach critical mass. 

My work schedule took a surprising turn this month, and I primarily blame that for missing my mark. I may have also been a touch too ambitious, but I do think I could have pulled it off, if I had the benefit of my normal work schedule.

That said, one thing I learned is that I would prefer to paint Rackham figures at a slower pace. I can imagine what it would have been like to have collected and painted the figures, back in the day. I would have purchased blisters containing 1 to 3 models, and I would have focused on that small batch, enjoying the process of "getting to know" each figure, rather than treating the models as multiple passes in an assembly line. Building up the collection slowly would have been viable, since Confrontation was a skirmish game, and I would have enjoyed growing my army at a slow pace, learning the personality of each model.

So I'm actually kinda glad to pause the project here. I brought a lot of models to a good starting point with a relatively quick turnaround. They're all at a point where I can begin the stage of painting that I really enjoy. I can take my time on one or two models at a time and enjoy painting all the little details, instead of seeing the details as a mess of obstructions that stand in the way of completing of the project.

I also learned that, going forward, I want to avoid imposing deadlines on myself. I had my fill of deadlines, participating in painting competitions. I realized that I was pressuring myself, adding tension to my hobby and my leisure activity. I felt a sense of relief, when I decided I wasn't going to prepare for Crystal Brush this year. And I've enjoyed the freedom to change my focus midstream through a project, shifting my projects to where my current motivation was drifting.

Case in point, I am now going to work on three new additions to my Guild Ball team. Guild Ball is the game that can most reliably play at the moment, and it is one that I am motivated to practice and learn more about.  I am eager to try out these 3 new players and learn how they can change up my strategy against my regular opponent, Chris, especially since he and I both agree that I'm at a disadvantage with the models I'm currently using!

Matching my painting projects with my gaming goals has always been one of the better motivators for me.  I have some ideas for competition pieces for the Capital Palette competition at the NOVA Open convention, and I'll be motivated to do those projects as well.  And I have plenty of time to fit in those projects and enjoy them without the time-pressure.

So here is the kick-off from the game I played this weekend against Chris's Masons Guild.  This game was the first full-size game we've played, using a full roster of 6 players.  The kickoff shown here was the best position the Fishermen were in, for the entire game!

Yup, it pretty much went downhill from there.  I had planned on playing a strong passing game, but Tower's "Shutout" ability shut down my plan.  'Shutout' forces the victim to activate late.  Tower used Shutout on my ball carrier, essentially locking the ball in place for the duration of the turn, enabling the Masons to pound on my weak players.  Halfway through the 3rd turn, Masons won the game by taking out 3 players, plus one of them a 2nd time.

Naturally, I can't blame Shutout for the...uh...shutout.  I made some positional mistakes, and I overlooked some healing options and escape options.  So, hey, a good learning game, and kibitzing with Chris over the intricacies of the game afterward made for an enjoyable event.

Hopefully, next game will see a new line-up on the Fishermen's team!

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