Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Orcs of the Behemoth Challenge

Not the most interesting photo, but it's a record of the grind that is required to prepare 14 complex, metal miniatures, just to get them to the painting table.

I used epoxy glue for the simpler attachments of heads, bodies, rocks, bases, and metal under-plates. I have a long distrust of cyanoacrylate glue, but using epoxy for the arms would have taken forever. I didn't pin the arms either -- just super-glued them, so I'm taking a bit of a risk there. And, finally, gap-filling and texturing with Milliput.

I used to spurn this part of the process, but over time I've come to gain some satisfaction from assembling models. There's a sense of progress and completion to bring the model to its final form and to feel the weight and see the pose bring life to the figure. Seeing all of these guys in complete 3-dimensional form motivates me to proceed to the next phase of the project.

These models are beefy! What hunks of metal.


  1. oh just be glad you started with big hulking orks! wait till you get to try to pin some of the spindly confrontation models. oh the memories... or nightmares...

    1. Luckily, I don't have too many of the spindliest models. The bulk of my collection includes, orcs, goblins, dwarves of Mid-Nor, dwarves of Tir-na-bor, Wolfen, and Cadwallon. My spindlies would include my smaller collections of Archon, Dirz, and Kelts. I wasn't as drawn towards the Elves, the definition of spindly until Malifaux hit the scene. Not so much the Griffon or Lion human factions either. I suppose I have some representation from those spindly factions, but they've fallen into the collection mainly due to bulk purchases.

      By the way, now that I have purchased a previously painted Drune army, I'm ready to throw down any time you are. You can teach me how to play my favorite game I've never played!

  2. Great looking set of figures. Nice to see them all put together. Will you be painting some of these during the hobby hangout?

    1. Yes, indeed, I expect to be working on these bad boys during the Hobby Hangout. Either these guys, or the Reaper orcs. The Reaper orcs are a little easier to paint in the Hobby Hangout, since I can more easily multi-task painting those guys (since I'm not as concerned for their quality). If John or Aaron take over the chatter responsibilities for me during the Hangout, then I can concentrate on painting the Rackham orcs. ;-)

      I hope to finish airbrushing the primer and base-coats on the collection prior to this Thursday's Hobby Hangout.

      I realized this morning that the second-hand, black-primed orc is modeled off of one of Paul Bonner's illustrations. So that orc is coming out of the current project. Hopefully, he will be destined for a Paul Bonner diorama, if I happen to own the second, fellow orc that is in the illustration.


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