Saturday, April 18, 2015

Iron Painter WIP III

I didn't get quite as far as I expected over the last couple of days, but I feel like I'll still make the Sunday night deadline.

I added more pumice to the top of the rock outcropping so that it would look more like a trail of integrated soil and less like bark.

Finally added the models!  It was almost impossible to drill these models for pinning.  I had left a piece of the slotta-tab on the bottom of their foot, which I could use to give more surface area for the 5-minute epoxy.  Even so, the purchase is weak, and I had to support the models with cork and allow the glue to set for a day.

Primed.  I can finally begin painting!

The sight lines turned out decent.  I hope this will be one angle I can use for the final photography.

Meanwhile, continuing to work on the jester's scepter.  I attached the head, and I had to reinforce the attachment point to the rod.  I experimented with a mix of Milliput and 5-minute epoxy, and the join finally feels like it's going to hold.

Trying to smooth out the piece with Milliput, followed by sanding with emery paper.  It needed 2 or 3 more layers, but I'm beginning to get impatient...

Airbrushed the "stage".  This was fun.

Some color prep and some pattern-work.  This is the first time I've attempted a harlequin diamond-pattern.  It was harder than I thought it was going to be, and it took more time than I expected.

I enjoyed painting the squig.  I used a lot of my "comfort-zone" watercolor-style wash technique, combined with some wet-blending and opaque highlighting.

This is where I'll leave it for the evening.  I like the color schemes of the individual models, but I'm not crazy how they all go together as a whole.  I may need to fuss with it more.

Only one day left to complete painting the figures, complete painting the base; enhance the base with foliage, sand, and pigments; and take photographs and attempt to make a collage.  Down to the wire!


  1. Aren't deadlines great motivators? Lots to do but you can pull it off! I really like the look of this piece. You've created a fun scene and story. I'm glad I'm not competing against you!

  2. Thanks, David! And I'm glad I'm not competing against you! Although...we might end up with figures in the same cabinet at NOVA Open 2015.....

    I saw your Arena Rex figure. Love the helmet!


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