Sunday, April 19, 2015

Iron Painter - Round 1 - Fool's Gold

I had one more WIP series, but it shows the piece pretty close to the final version, just without the foliage and minus refinements on the figures.  (The goblin and Momma-Squig are intentionally out-of-focus for this view, hopefully to help give a sense of motion and suspense to the scene.)

I made my deadline to post the photos on the Wyrd gallery.  Because we can only post one photo in the gallery, I combined these three photos into a collage.  Unfortunately, the gallery shows the collage in a reduced size and resolution, compared to the original photo.  Fail!

I don't have an ideal angle to show the piece.  The first image is close to what I had in my mind's eye, before I started.  I should have positioned the baby squig, before I painted it, so that I could see at what angle to place the scepter in his mouth.  The angle required to clearly see the face of on the scepter is a looking-down angle, an angle which looks pretty lousy for the rest of the composition.

The colors worked out OK, but I think I might have come up with better combinations, given more time to think it through.  Still, I gained a lot of practice with colors that I rarely use, namely bright yellow, orange, and red.


  1. That's pretty hilarious! I really like the base. When will the round 1 results be out?

    1. Thanks, man! It was a fun project, and it was a great use of that miniatures set. I had something similar in mind for that miniatures set anyway. I don't know what else I would have done with them!

      Sculpting the scepter took longer than I would have liked, but I learned a lot.

      The I think the results come out tomorrow (Thursday, 23 April).

  2. I like this a lot, especially the blue squids face. The gums look especially great. This feels like a wonderful tribute to GW's tongue in cheek era.

    1. Thanks, John! Yeah, that tongue-in-cheek heyday is the world I live in. With the direction WHFB is going, it looks like I may very well need to join the Oldhammer club...


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