Monday, April 27, 2015

Iron Painter Round 2 - WIP 1

I advanced to Round 2 of Iron Painter!  Here is the first WIP photo for the new theme:  "The end of the world as we know it".

I am converting a Dark Elf standard bearer.  I will use green-stuff to fill in his biceps, around the paper-clip armatures.  There's another figure to go with the scene....

I barely squeezed my way into Round 2 of the competition.  I beat my opponent by only one point, 38 to 37, if I recall.  There were over a half-dozen painters in the high tranche of high 40's and low 50's, out of a max score of 60 (20 max from each of 3 judges). 

So I have a lot of room for improvement to reach these judges.  I think the biggest thing that hurt me was the photo resolution on the gallery.  I sized my collage for the typical "vertical stack" of images, made common on the Cool Mini or Not web-site. 

Unfortunately, the max height on the Wyrd gallery was 960 or thereabouts.  And I couldn't edit or delete the submission!  The resizing forced the dimensions of my photograph to be about thumbnail-sized and therefore pretty much unreadable.  It was telling that most of the compliments for the piece praised the rock base!

Still, photo dimensions aside, the competition is strong.  226 painters entered Round 1, and 77 exited!

For Round 2, all the contestants are in 3-person match-ups.  Luckily, I think I'm matched against 2 opponents who are fair matches.  I don't think I'm up against any of the professionals or heavyweights.  That said, one of my opponents did very well on theme in Round 1, and the other opponent paints in a high-contrast style.  High contrast, I think, usually finds favor in on-line competitions.  I need to amp up my own contrast, as a matter of fact.

Planning my freehand for the banner....

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