Sunday, December 14, 2014

Malifaux & New Terrain

Cleaning off my desk over the last few weeks forced me to do something with the terrain project that's been sitting on my printer for about a year, in perpetual 'on deck' status.  I've actually had the larger project in my head for literally years (probably 5 or 6), to build an industrial site for 40K, Malifaux, etc.  The project sitting on my printer, a pumping station, was the first substantive element for the overall project.

It's made of packing material for, I think, a hand-vacuum.  I have another piece waiting in the wings to serve as a comms station, and I have another piece to serve as a small generator.  I've attached various resin pieces from ArmorCast and Micro Art Studios, and I've added some pieces from home items, as well as the ubiquitous 40K bits-box.  The piping is modular, and it's from Ziterdes.  I custom-built the connector from the pumping station to fit the piping at the right height and position.

I experimented with different highlight colors on the dark brown, and I have a ways to go before I decide what I like and what direction to go from here.  But I do like how the piping turned out.  I just need to color the cement supports and the ground pads and probably throw on some pigments.

There's also a collapsed storage tank, oozing noxious toxic waste into a big pool, which, naturally, counts as Dangerous Terrain.  That piece is also by ArmorCast, and it's still a work-in-progress, but I scrambled before the game to paint the overflowing goo.

Erik and I played a light game of only 35 Soulstones and a pool of only 3 Schemes:  Breakthrough, Protect Territory, and Bodyguard.  I forgot to include A Line in the Sand as one of the 3 Schemes...  We also played Turf War as the Strategy, which requires maintaining at least 2 significant models within 6" of the center.

Erik's Outcast crew:  the Viktoria Sisters, Vanessa (the blue one), two Friekcorpswomen, and two (out-of-frame) Friekcorps Trappers.
My Arcanists' Ramos crew, including Joss, Willie the Demolitionist, the Mobile Toolkit, the Soulstone Miner (offboard for now), and two Steam Arachnids.
The demolished holding tank.
Turn 1.  The crews take cover close to the center objective.  Ramos' crew is still exposed to shooting from the right flank, but some ridiculously lucky card flips apparently mean that the heroes are hugging inside the doorway, Han Solo style.

Hugging the wall.
Hugging the pipes.

Ramos launches an Electrical Creation to wreak havoc and threaten any clustering amongst the enemy.  Only to be reminded that the Friekcorps armor entirely protects the Friekcorps soldiers from the exploding time-bomb!

Luckily, the Soulstone Miner erupts through the wasteland sand to save the day!  "Surprise!  I'm in your backfield, suckas!"

A lot happened next, but I missed some photos to explain the story well.
  1. The Soulstone Miner drilled the face of the Friekcorps Trapper, who tried to escape with only 1 Wound remaining.  The Electrical Creation actually turned out to have a purpose, as it chased down the Friekcorpswoman and zapped her for exactly 1 automatic Wound, with his Electrical Touch.  
  2. The Soulstone Miner on its next turn returned to its spawning hole to claim it as a Scheme Marker for Breakthrough.
  3. The Steam Arachnid at the corner of the building tried to not look too conspicuous in its attempt to draw fire and grant Ramos a Scrap Marker.  Having succeeded too well, it makes a play into the open, ready to drop Scheme Markers for Protect Territory.  If left alone, it will interfere with the shooters' shoot-at-will luxury.

Vanessa is dispatched to deal with the Soulstone Miner.  She can gain control of Constructs, which she succeeds in using to force the Miner to destroy its own Scheme Marker.  Well played, Mr. Erik, well played.  Why do I keep bringing Ramos against Outcasts?  They're anti-Construct and anti-Armor....

Ramos finally gains the Scrap Marker he needs, and he gets busy summoning more Steam Arachnids.

The Friekcorps Trapper makes a break for the corner in an attempt to work the Breakthrough Scheme.  One of the spiders goes to intercept!

"Every marker you drop, I will destroy -- bwahahahaa!  And I will chase you tirelessly to the ends of the....gaming table..."
"Unless, of course, you really go to the actual end of the gaming table, where I don't have room to stay out of engagement range, preventing me from destroying the marker.....   Foiled!"

 Ramos summons enough spiders to form an Arachnid Swarm, having it escape the threat range of the Viktoria Sisters in just the nick of time, before they used their Whirlwind attacks to wipe out all the weak, individual spiders.

Joss moves to a spot to claim the Bodyguard Scheme.  Surprise!  Ramos wasn't working Protect Territory after all.  Although he wishes he was, since there's no one left to work Breakthrough....

End of game, and both sides score 7 points.  Joss had one more point for Bodyguard (turns out Viktoria of Ash was Bodyguard, too, but she was too close to her deployment zone to claim it on Turn 4), and the Friekcorps Trapper gained one more point for Breakthrough.  Tie game!

Just as Joss and Viktoria of Ash were about to get jiggy with it.

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