Monday, December 22, 2014

A Jackalope gone bad

This is my proxy for the "Blessed of December" for Malifaux.

The model is the "Wendigo" by Reaper.  But I like continuing the Jackalope theme for my Marcus crew.  And the model looks very similar to Wyrd's actual "Blessed of December", so it should still be easy to recognize on the tabletop.

I did some touchup to make its eyes a little more blue, but I lost patience to take photos and upload them.  :-P   I actually wanted to make a translucent "dead-eye" with a hazy pupil. But there's not a lot of area there to pull off the effect.  And I was ready to move on to another project....


  1. I like how cold the flesh looks toward the extremities and how warm the innards look. That is a gorgeous paint job on a disturbing miniature!

  2. Thank you kindly, John!

    Hey, I had been missing your blog entries, because I added your blog only to my Blogger and not to my Feedly news-reader. I have corrected my error, and now I will be notified of your posts, so that I can follow along.

    I realized I was missing your posts when Mike linked your article on Facebook, the article about painting Secret Weapon's battleboards. Gorgeous work! And thanks for describing how you did it.

    For any gaming/competitive painters out there, John's blog is a must-add:


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