Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holiday Haul

Some of my Kickstarters finally rolled in around the holiday season.  I had some orders redirected to my parents' address, so that I could open the parcels on Christmas morning.

One of the most pleasant new arrivals is my new collection of World of Twilight miniatures... :-)

World of Twilight is a totally original fantasy setting by Michael Thorp. 

(studio paint job)
(studio paint job)
The style is reminiscent of Dark Crystal, with hints of Ralph Bakshi and Vaughn Bode.  I've collected Twilight figures since Mr. Thorpe first introduced the range.

The Kickstarter enabled Michael to consolidate 3 separate rule pamphlets into one A5-size booklet.  It is beautifully illustrated, and it appears much of the typography is hand-written calligraphy!  The hand-drawn illustrations include maps, characters in the margins, and other charming appointments.

Oh, and my name is listed in the book, along with other contributors, like game designers, Gav Thorpe and Jake Thornton!

The cover illustration does a great job placing you in the flavorful world of Anyaral!

Another treat to myself that I was able to open on Christmas included a set of jack-o-lantern characters, having traveled all the way from Poland from a company called Spellcrow.

The packaging is gorgeous, a reflection of how much Poland is a bedrock of talent and love for this hobby.

My only disappointment is that the box says that it includes a ruleset to use the characters in a game, but the ruleset was omitted, unfortunately.  The rules are available for free on their web site, but it comes in a .rar file, which requires downloading an extractor called RAR Expander.  RAR Expander is also free, but the whole process is a pain, and I don't like installing weird utilities on my machine.  Apple's Help site recommended it, but that recommendation probably came from a volunteer, so I'm not entirely comfortable with it.  If you decide to try it, be sure to 'Decline' the 3 other utilities that the installer offers.  Ugh.

Lastly, I ordered this nifty set of base inserts, after having seen it suggested by Chrissy Dubois on the Facebook group, 'A Wyrd Place'.

I've never seen inserts made this way.  Or packaged this way.  Really cool. 

On the left side, there are four sheets of varying diameters.  I plan to use them for my Colette crew for Malifaux.


  1. Nice, lots of fun holiday toys! I like the look of the spellcrow figures. They have a rackham feel to them.

    1. Yes, indeedy -- I have the impression that the Dyiaqs are "inspired" by Rackham's Pixie Trickster figures...

      I've been collecting jack-o-lantern characters for a while. I'm undecided whether to use these for a unit of goblins or make a diorama with them. Or maybe a little of both.


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