Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New projects entering the queue

For Saga

My buddy, Steve, and I plan to play a big game of Saga to celebrate the 947th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.  Steve has laid out a map and a scenario, and we're getting pumped.  This is the motivation I need to start my first set of historical miniatures.  I'm going to proxy a band of Celtic warriors by Warlord Games, to use for the Normans (whoever ends up playing them in the game).

The plastic portion of the set is looking good.  Renedra manufactures the sprue, and Renedra has a good reputation, from what I've heard.  Looks like they get double duty out of the sprue, since it looks like it's basically a sprue for their Celtic infantry.  I'll have some new breeches-wearing legs to add to my bits box.  Might be good for some pirate conversions down the road.

The sprue offers a good variety of poses, heads, and weapons.

The horses are nice designs, but the casting leaves a little to be desired.  The metal gunk on the bottom of the base will require some industrial-strength files to remove all that material.  There are significant flash and mold lines (especially on the bottom-left two), and the rumps on the right-most horses show significant pitting.  The sword hilts have metal gunk on the inside, which will be pain to remove.  Looks like the molds are getting old for these horses.  Still, all-in-all, good models for the price, and I'm looking forward to putting them together.

For a friend

This next set of miniatures comes from out of left field.  One of my childhood friends, Mark, who introduced me to Basic Dungeons & Dragons, so very long ago, bought into the Kickstarter for the relaunched Metamorphosis Alpha, the 1970's D&D-like sci-fi dungeon crawl.  Mark has an odd assortment of old-skool-style miniatures that he's asked me to paint.  I rarely paint for other people, and this is one of those special occasions.  After all, if it wasn't for Mark, I would have discovered this hobby much later than 1978!

Mark has requested that I paint two males and two females.  I will definitely paint the lizardman dude, regardless.

The sculpts hearken to a bygone era.  The detail is rough by today's standards, but these would have been sharp models, back in the day.  It's going to be challenging to find a painting style that will complement the near-featureless faces.

This one by Prince August is pretty good.  She's a strong contender.

Progress for Malifaux

Over the weekend, I visited my parents, and I had a fun painting session, slapping on some base colors (finally!) for my Sabertooth Cerebus proxy and its cerebus pups.  My folks are a very  appreciative audience, and it's a pleasant way to spend some quality time with them.

Painted miniatures do perform better, even ones with only base-coats.  On Malifaux Monday, the Cerebus, with assistance from Cojo, was able to take out Izamu the Armor -- no small feat!

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