Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jump Master Challenge

Dropzone Games of Glen Burnie, Maryland, hosted a Crystal Brush qualifier painting competition this past weekend, dubbed the Jump Master Challenge.  This is the second year of the challenge, which Dropzone hosts in celebration of their store birthday. 

Crystal Brush trophy winner, Robert Chandler, was the lead organizer of the event, with tremendous support from Cool Mini Or Not, Mantic Games, and Wyrd Miniatures.  A panel of three judges judged the entries:  Dave Manganaro, Joe Neet, and Dave Taylor.  All the judges sport accolades from Golden Demon, Crystal Brush, and other competitions.

Competition was pretty fierce this year, just like last year.  At stake, awarded for Best in Show, was free airfare to Adepticon 2015 to compete in the Crystal Brush.

Here are some of the entries that caught my attention:

It's great to "sea" some Deep Wars models, ha, ha!  The colors are fantastic, and I love the colors on the bases.  Gonna have to steal that theme, when I eventually paint mine.

This was a great modeling job to achieve such a dynamic and believable pose.

This one really shows the state-of-the-hobby/industry.  As in spoiled for choice.  Rackham, Wyrd, Mantic, GW, Privateer Press...   My Squig Hoppers are in the upper right.  They earned Silver for Fantasy / Steampunk Squad.

Loved this one!
I would love to see this Som'er Teeth Jones crew at our Malifaux Mondays.

Some big gribbly beasts.  Including Robert Chandler!  :-)
Very well done.  Gross -- but nicely executed.  :-)
An excellent historical piece -- Civil War Zouaves.
The pair on the black display base at the upper-left are mine.  They're separate entries, but I wanted to display them together as a themed pair.  The Amazon-looking one is a Tharn Bloodtracker by Privateer Press, but I use her as a proxy in Malifaux.  In the game, she shape-changes into the crazed, albino ape.
This is the fine work that beat my Squig Hoppers.  The painter, Kri, has been painting for only a year!

My Sapo bust was displayed next to the Best in Show winner.  Which is kinda cool, since I gather they were neck-and-neck for the top choice.  I might have won, if only Sapo had a neck!
No complaints here, though.  I had a good showing!

Congratulations to Best in Show Winner, Marc Raley!  Check out his blog.

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