Thursday, May 15, 2014

WIP - Malifaux Molemen

 I'm working on my Marcus crew, slowly, here and there.  Here was the first session for expanding my existing posse of 3 Molemen with another whole set.  The star-nosed mole is one that I scavenged from a Reaper blister, before I found a source for the real deal, albeit an hour-drive away.  The Moleman on the far right is one from my original set, which I painted 3 or 4 years ago.  I tried to match the colors, but I was surprised how hard it is to do!

Here's a later session.  I still need to base them, but I'm going to call the Molemen done, other than the basing.

I enjoyed painting these simpler models, after the intense work I did preparing for Crystal Brush.  But I was still surprised how much more involved it was to paint these models, compared to painting the same versions 3 or 4 years ago.  It's like I'm pining for a simpler time, back when all I knew how to do was washes!

Of course, the irony is that after all the trouble I went through to expand my Moleman forces (I only needed a fourth), I'm probably going to trade the extra Moleman for a Canine Remains in my crew.  After playing Marcus twice, I don't think I need all 4 Molemen to work Schemes.  And a Canine Remains can turn enemy models into Beasts to help out Marcus and also work some Poison in tandem with Myranda.

The boardwalks in the photo are a new acquisition, made by 4Ground.  Very nice and fast to put together, and ready to throw on the tabletop.  I could certainly paint them, but the natural wood color does a good job making it look like, well yeah, wood.  These will be perfect for Malifaux, for either the Western theme or the bayou theme.  I can also use them as wharfs and piers for my canal district that I'm working on.

Speaking of acquisitions, here's another recent one.  I'm not keen on the game-rules for Godslayer, but the models look fantastic.  I have no immediate use for these models in a game, but I find myself itching to work on them! 

To scratch that itch, I cleaned up one of the minotaurs.  The cast is excellent.  Nary a mold line to be found.  And the detail on both sets is very nice.  Really fine models.

I considered using the Kinswords for Saga, but, unfortunately, they're a tad larger-scale than the Gripping Beast models that my buddy is using.  Too bad.  The Kinswords would be perfect for Saga.  Such great poses.

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