Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spinning up the gaming again

On Saturday, I crammed in two separate gaming sessions.  Both were uncommon occasions, being "across the river" in Maryland, but since they were within 10 minutes travel time to each other, it was a good opportunity to catch up with each respective gaming group.

The first one was with Robert Allen of the Combat Phase podcast.  I personally like Combat Phase, because it's the only podcast I know that covers the broadest spectrum of the miniatures gaming hobby -- including the state of the industry, both past and present.  Other podcasts go in either direction from there -- either game-specific or else broader than miniatures games.  Combat Phase hits that sweet spot, and Robert and his co-host, Kenny, present themselves and the hobby very professionally and eloquently.  Recently, they've been lining up interviews with some interesting names in the hobby, including Black Library authors.  Well, enough of my free plug (your welcome, Robert!).  Go check 'em out.  Oh yeah, and they're weekly!

In any case, Robert and I lined up a game of Malifaux.  This was the first run-through that Robert has had of Malifaux since Wyrd Miniatures updated it to the 2nd Edition.  I'm obviously a fan of the much improved and streamlined game, so I was happy to guide Robert through it and see what he thought of it.  He might mention on the podcast that he played it, so I'll wait to see what he says himself of his impression of the game.

The second game event was with my pal Oko and his Maryland cohorts.  I played a game of Warhammer, my Lizardmen against their nemesis, the dirty-rotten Skaven.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that my opponent, Jordan, offered up a pure and simple list.  Basically, just rats.  Lots of 'em!  He had one Hellpit Abomination and one Warp Lightning Cannon, and everything else was a field of filthy vermin.  Pretty cool!  And the icing on the cake, was that the entire army was painted really well.  My kinda Warhammer!

The scenario was Dawn Deployment, which randomizes where each player's army deploys.

Where are the Lizardmen?

Oh, they're all over here!

The deployment was the most ridonculous I've ever seen.  Half my army was clustered in the corner, ready to pop out like a wind-up toy.  Unfortunately, all of that terrain created a maze that was nigh-impossible to navigate.  The only viable target for my main block of Saurus Warriors were two worthless Slave Rat units.

This is the mess that developed by Turn 3.

Turn 3 is as far as we got, as a matter of fact.  Actually, the game was decide on Turn 1.  The Skaven Grey Seer cast Cracks Call with Irresistible Force, plunging my Slann Mage Priest into a gaping hole in the ground, along with my Magic Phase, my General, and 20% of my army.  Pretty much game over, but we played it out until it was apparent that my dice were cursed, and the rest of my army was trapped.

Still, a fun time, and it was a cool army to face.  Here are some pics of Jordan's well-painted army.

When I paint my Skaven (years from now), I want them to look like that!

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