Saturday, May 24, 2014

Myranda proxy for Malifaux

Myranda is ready for some primal fury. 

The model is from the Tharn Bloodtracker unit by Privateer Press, repurposed for Marcus' crew in Malifaux.

Now that she's painted, maybe I won't set her up to be killed off, like I did at last Monday night's game!

And for those folks who play Malifaux, here's a battle report from that game:

I tried my hand at learning Marcus again, this game being my third try. My opponent played The Guild, with Lady Justice.  We brought enough building terrain to make an interesting village center, and we borrowed one of the new stumps to place in the middle, which we decided served as the village stage.  In addition to hosting village plays on the massive stump, the platform is used to entertain the village crowds in equal measure as a gallows, fitting for last night’s participation of The Executioner.
The Guild prepared themselves as a shooting crew, with 2 Austringers, 2 Guild Riflemen, and 2 Guardsmen (?), along with Lady Justice, The Executioner, and The Judge.  I was already nervous, having brought a melee crew, with all of the objectives laid out in the middle in the open, where my guys would be exposed to the shooters.  I had Marcus, his pet Jackalope, his mate, Myranda, the Sabertooth Cerberus, 2 Razorspine Rattlers, 3 Molemen, and 1 Canine Remains.
Marcus, heeding the call of his wild, independent spirit, set up his mate, Myranda, and chose for one of his schemes, Frame for Murder.  Lady Justice took the bait and, flipping a Red Joker, decisively clove Myranda in twain with her Greatsword.  This little cat-fight gave me a cozy 3-point lead in Victory Points, on Turn 2!
The Rattlers took to the flanks to intercept the shooters who were setting up perches.  The Rattlers were effective to reach their targets quickly and neutralize the shooting threat, tying up the closely grouped shooters.  The Austringers were still in the backfield, however, and despite good efforts by the Jackalope to cross the board and rip out their lungs, he was unfortunately intercepted by a Guardsman.  The Austringers spent the game Delivering Orders to great effect, enabling the remainder of the crew to double their Scheme-laying capacity.  Damn Austringers!  Is there nothing they can’t do?!  Grrr.
The Sabertooth Cerberus finally laid down some pain for the first time, instead of being killed straight-off.  However, the combats for the most part stalemated, while attention shifted more towards competing for enough activations to place and/or destroy Scheme Markers and Squat Counters.  Amidst the confusion of a myriad of tactical options, I bungled optimizing two of Marcus’ activations, which enabled the Guild team to close the gap on Victory Points and tie the game right at the end of Turn 5.
We had a very interesting game that featured a lot of maneuver and hard tactical choices.  I learned some hard lessons about Marcus and the difficulty for setting up combos among his crew.  But I did pull off a tough combo that allowed me to take control of Lady Justice, and I thought I used that pretty well to move her out of position and wreak some havoc against her own crew. 


  1. As usual, your painting job is amazing...

  2. No pics of the game? I'm interested in what that "stump" at the center of town looks like.

    I'm damn impressed with the ferns on the base (in addition to the figure, of course).

    1. I keep forgetting to take pics during the game. Concentrating too hard!

      The stumps are pretty cool, though. You'll be able to see them in person at NOVA Open, but I'll try to remember to take a picture of them before then.

  3. That is beautifully painted. It is a paint job to aspire to!

    1. Thanks so much, John!

      Now when am I going to see your own beautifully-painted miniatures across the table from me at Malifaux Monday?

    2. Potentially later this year. My next project is a fantasy army, so it is closer in genre.


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