Sunday, January 26, 2014

Potential projects for Crystal Brush

Been doing the prep work for these candidates for Crystal Brush.  I don't recall if the painting challenge on the WAMP forum for the Sapo bust (toad on the right) is considered a competition.  If the Sapo challenge is a competition, then it's ineligible to enter into Crystal Brush.

Dark Age was unkind to include only 8 of the spikey blades on the Mean Jellybean model (left), when there are holes for 15 of them.  I double-checked a duplicate blister pack to make sure.  That pack had only 8 as well.  Punks.  I hand-crafted the difference using plasticard.  Pain in the butt.  And you just know those things are going to break off.  I'll see about reinforcing the join with 2-part epoxy.

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