Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas score

For Christmas, I received another ruleset to add to my collection -- and to add to my list of gaming temptations.

SAGA is a historical skirmish game, set in the Dark Ages.  As a fast and light-weight game, with a low model count (particularly for historical games), it's a very accessible gateway game into the historical scene.

What makes it interesting to play is its unique activation system.  It uses custom 6-sided dice with a 3-2-1 set of icons on its faces to weight the options you have at the beginning of each turn.  Players face tough choices for both resource management and risk management.   Plus, the choices differ for each faction, thus giving flavor and different play-styles to each one.

This mechanic moves the game more towards "game" than "wargame", but it will certainly scratch the itch for a time-budget-friendly, easy-to-learn/teach game.

Naturally, I can't leave well enough alone.  Given the possibility that my buddy, Steve, is expressing cautious interest in War of the Ring, I may be able to kill two birds with one stone.  I may need to get back to work on my War of the Ring Haradrim cavalry (started and abandoned probably 3 years ago now!), which I figure will work well for both games!

Yup, the Haradrim will make great substitutes for Normans, orcs & goblins for Vikings, elves for Welsh, Empire/Rohirrim for Anglo-Danes, etc....  :-)

By the way, for anyone who tried to follow the link(s) in the previous post, and encountered only one photo instead of a full battle report / photo gallery, I think I fixed the links.  Please try again!

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