Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cojo, crazed killer ape

I had a lot of fun painting this guy.  His name is Cojo, and he's for the game, Malifaux, by Wyrd Miniatures.

I probably spent around 6 hours on him, I think, from box to finish.  I've been looking forward to painting him, ever since I saw his artwork in the new Malifaux rulebook.  Crazed killer apes just rock.

The hair on his head is a repurposed grass tuft.  I haven't seen anyone do that before, so hopefully it's convincing.  I like it.

Here are the WIP shots.  This was after priming with the airbrush.

And here is the raw modeling, so you can see the grass tuft and the seam-filling.

That white seam on his cheek didn't fill in entirely, and you can notice it on the finished model.  It was hard to judge on the raw model.  Lesson learned.


  1. The photos don't actually do him justice IMO.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Mike! I appreciate your showing him off last night at Malifaux Monday. I look forward to getting him on the tabletop, along with Marcus. I just realized, though, that I don't have enough models after all to make a viable 50-point list! Looks like I may need to paint up a couple more, before I can wean myself off of Ramos. Either that, or bring Somer Teeth Jones to the table. But I really want to run Cojo!


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