Friday, January 5, 2018

Tale of 4 Gamers!

Yup, that's right, Derek recruited a gentleman local to Derek to join our fun.  We welcome Ray, who will be playing Khador.  So we now have an even split between Warmachine and Hordes.  For what that's worth....

I finished my Pyg Burrowers, but, again, they don't count for January's goal. 

Pyg Burrowers, finally finished.
But they don't count for January's goal.

As a matter of fact, between the fact that the Burrowers consumed 4 days out of the month, and my business travel is going to consume 5 more, I'm revamping my goal for January.  I plan to paint up Pyg Bushwackers instead of the Trollkin Scattergunners.  This goal is more achievable, since the Bushwackers have only 6 models, whereas the Scattergunners have 10.  And Scattergunners have tartans, to boot!  Even worse, the models are made of "restic", which is a pain to clean and prep.  I don't need that kind of headache for January...

My revised goal for January:  Pyg Bushwackers
I have a box of only 6 models, though.  And they're metal, instead of "restic".

Speaking of headache, Chris has encountered issues with the Exemplars.  Apparently, they are a bitch to put together.  The pieces just don't fit together well.  Chris spent an entire evening fussing with just one model.  And he has 10 to put together....

Meanwhile, Derek is plugging away, already sporting primer and basecoat on his assembled models....

By the way, Ray's goal for January will be painting up Iron Fang Pikemen:

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