Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tale of 4 Gamers - mid-January progress report

The Tale has started strong, with our initial 3 gamers/painters launching out of the chocks with work on-track for our first units.

Derek is the man in the lead, with his Warpborn Skinwalkers.

Chris has overcome modeling adversity and has advanced to painting adversity, as he experiments with satin varnishes for the armor for his Exemplar Errants (6 out of 10 shown here, while the other 4 are subjected to questionable painting practices).

Raymond might be a little slow off the mark, since he has been out of town for the first half of the month.

I have some initial base-colors on my Pyg Bushwackers.

While I was doing the prep for them, I got a head-start on the Troll Scattergunners, since there are a quadrillion pieces that need trimming.  I'm glad to have that miserable task out of the way, ahead of the February or March objective.

While I was doing prep work, I also did the cleaning and prep for a Rackham Wolfen figure, which I will be painting for the wife of my friend, Sylvano.  This will be a pleasure to paint.

Finally, one other development for Tale of 4 Gamers.  I will most likely be unable to attend Adepticon.  :-(  Yup, that's right -- my plan to take care of my dogs fell through, and I am 90% likely to cancel my trip.

However -- the show will go on!  Tale of 4 Gamers will proceed as planned -- with the minor revision that I will not participate in the final showdown at Adepticon.  However, Chris and I expect to make a road-trip to Atlanta sometime in the spring and still have our full game of 4 players.  In the meantime, Chris and I can at least play locally and learn Company of Iron -- and hopefully prepare Chris sufficiently for the Adepticon game and give those Oroboros squads a good fight!

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