Sunday, May 15, 2016

After a long hiatus, a game of Guild Ball

My regular opponent, Chris, had real-life priorities to contend with for the last several months, as he had to move house.  We finally had a chance to pick up where we left off on the Guild Ball pitch.  We had another game at one of the microbreweries in town, the Rocket Republic.  Meanwhile, other folks in our gaming group organized a 3-on-3 game of Frostgrave, which looked like a blast!

Fishermen vs Masons.  Both captains are down, while the rest of the team wrestle through a scrum.

As for my Fishermen, I swapped out Shark with Corsair, to serve as my team captain.  I also swapped out Angel and Siren for Sakana and Jac.  These substitutions gave me a lot more durability against the beat-down that the Masons have been delivering to me.  My guys stood pretty tough, and they even took out Flint!  Granted, Flint recklessly swaggered into the deep end of the pool, where 3 Fishermen took turns dunking him, but it's out-of-character for Fishermen to take out a player, so it was kinda exciting.

Chris had a very clever play to have Mallet squeeze through my line and score a goal, and then he invested a lot of muscle to take out Corsair.  Yeah, real cool, Chris -- beat up the drunk, crippled pirate!  All the while, I was trying to line up shots on the goal and kept having it slip through my grasp.  Greyscales finally escaped the scrum in the middle and had an easy shot.  And he blew it.  There went my tie score, so we called the game, and gave the win to the Masons.

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