Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dreadtober - still WIP!

I did not quite make the deadline, but I thought I would show where I stand.

Real life got in the way, with work making unreasonable demands on my leisure time!

Since the last update, I added some metallics, some freehand, and some glow-ey eye-slits.  There is so much still left to do.....
  • more metallics and some colors on some of the mechanical elements on the back
  • a freehand flame pattern on the Meganob with the flamer (yellowish guy on the left)
  • some more freehand checkers (but more traditional white-and-black)
  • designs on the rockets
  • details on the guns and headsets
  • the hairspray weathering
  • sponge weathering
  • bases
  • washes
  • paint the ork faces and skin
  • dry pigment weathering

So, yeah, my big take-away from this project:  even though you "can't make a mistake painting Orks", they require a hell of a lot of work!


  1. Orks have so much detail...some of their models are borderline ridiculous with their little bitz and flash :). Looking great Mike! Thanks so much for joining in!

    1. Greg, thanks for organizing and running the event! Wow, so much accomplished by so many people in only a month. And it's thanks to you taking your idea and promoting and maintaining it. Thank you for your dedication to updating the main site and commenting on everyone's progress. The project was pretty darn cool.

  2. You also weren't just trying to paint one but a whole group.. 8) .. DreadTober was about getting people painting and talking and it definitely did that .. well most of us were painting .. except for that Greg guy.. sheesh 8P

    1. True story. Greg failed completely! I'll make it up sometime!


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