Sunday, July 12, 2015

WIP - Wrath of Kings, C.A.G.E.

I'm taking a break from the infantry for a moment.  Some nice gentleman at the Wrath of Kings tourney at CMON Expo insisted that I try out his C.A.G.E. model in my games, and I was totally sold on the model.  It was fun to play, because I could just brainlessly use it as a clobbering tool, with the option to either focus a massive blow against one enemy model or fry multiple enemy models with a less powerful, area-of-effect, "galvanic burst". 

Here is the initial airbrush work.

I spent the last couple evenings prepping the plastic and assembling the model.  I couldn't decide between the axe or the spear that came with it.  I decided on the spear too late -- after I had accidentally glued on the massive forearm on both appendages and then realized that I was supposed to choose only one.  The weapon hand attaches to a smaller forearm.  And there is only one set of "galvanic generator bolts" available to glue onto the forearm, and I had already glued it to the left one, which apparently is the hand that carries the spear.  So I had to settle for an axe for now.  I wanted to use the spear, when I realized that there's a hoplite mosaic sculpted into the floor of the custom, resin base (by MicroArt Studios).  It would be a cool juxtaposition to have an ancient warrior showing on the floor, with a future/fantasy spearman standing over top of it.

I also like the heft and chunky design of the model.  And the aesthetic is such an original take on the otherwise done-to-death, armored walker.  And I just love the goofy, almost jolly, personality assumed by this machine of destruction, as he cleaves his way through enemy ranks.

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