Sunday, July 26, 2015

Journey - Wrath of Demons

More exultation of the new shiny!

A BIG surprise landed on my doorstep over the weekend -- a project I funded on Kickstarter, which had languished in the back of my mind for almost 2 years:  Journey - Wrath of Demons!

This product karate-punches you in the face.  It is big, and it is beautiful.

The production quality is absolutely off-the-hook.  So impressive for a firm that is a new player in the market.  This box of mouth-watering goodness stands up to anything that Fantasy Flight Game produces.

Once you pick up your jaw from admiring the cover artwork and gorgeous logo, you are presented with solid box construction and thoughtful packaging.  And what nice little touches on just the packaging:

Here are just some of the miniatures that come with the game.  I show a half-painted miniature from Wrath of Kings, to show the relative scale of the minis, which are 40mm scale.

 I love minotaurs.  I collect minotaurs.  I now have an entire platoon of minotaurs.

The production quality of the miniatures is an incredible achievement.  The crisp detail, the accurate casting, near-invisible mold lines, and all pre-assembled!  And the form-fit trays will protect the eventual paint-jobs during transport and storage.  Wonderful.

More goodies.  Unfortunately, the cool little ying-yang spinner's mechanism didn't last more than a couple dozen trials, but that's OK.  It was still a cool idea and nice touch.

The rulebook.  The game appears to be fairly deep.  Pretty awesome that it's a coop game, which allows for solo play.  I can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

Huge kudos to Hon Ho, Ray Wong, and the Marrow Production team.  You guys prove that dedication and commitment to quality can make a dream come true.  Congratulations on a spectacular release!


  1. I'm jealous you got yours already. I'll be anxiously checking the mail this week. Did you get the plastic or resin version?

    1. I ordered the resin. I'm not positive that's what I got, actually. The material could pass for either. It's either a plastic-y resin, or it's a super-fine plastic.

      I remember Marrow showing the plastic and resin models side-by-side in one of their Kickstarter updates. The plastic versions were probably 85% the resolution of the resins. That's great news for the folks who bought plastic. But, unless I were to see plastic and resin models side-by-side, in person, I have no way of knowing whether someone in China mispacked the box!

    2. Ha, fair enough. I got resin too, so maybe we can compare figures when I finally get mine. What are the odds they'd mispack both our boxes, right?

  2. Ah man, I saw them post about that on Beasts of War. That game looks fun.

    1. Marrow deserves your money, and you deserve this game. Go get it! :-D


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