Friday, March 14, 2014

Warhammer: Lizardmen vs High Elves

With all my painting projects going on, I haven't shown much of the gaming side of the hobby.  As it turns out, I'm actually playing about one game a week, on average.  Usually Malifaux on Malifaux Monday, but also the occasional Dystopian Wars game or Warhammer Fantasy.

I might have an opportunity to play in the Warhammer Fantasy doubles tournament at Adepticon, so I managed to schedule two practice games with my pal, Rafael, in order to test out my 1000-point half of my doubles army.

The roll for terrain was sparse:  a two-story Tower of Evil, from which pours a River of Blood (yes, the blue river of blood), overseen by a Sinister Statue from amidst ancient ruins.

The armies have amassed for battle, and the High Elf Ellyrian Reavers have made their Vanguard move to skip over the river and evade the evil circle of doom emitting from the Sinister Statue.

Turn 1a  Lizardmen

The Lizardmen go first and send the Skink Skirmishers with the Skink Priest to occupy the Tower.  The plan will be to use the river, accompanied by powerful, magical Wind Blasts, to delay the center and the right flank.  That will feed the High Elf army piecemeal, while I roll up the left flank.  That's the plan anyway.  Spoiler alert:  (it doesn't work out anything like that).

Turn 1b  High Elves

Having occupied the building, I unwittingly gave the first High Elf unit free passage across the river, by granting them an easy charge, which spares them the need to spend two turns wading across.  So there goes that plan.  And maybe my Skink Priest along with it.  I also underestimate the distance that the Ellyrian Reavers can march -- far enough to avoid the charge arc of my heavy cavalry.  Both of my flanks are now threatened.

At least the Skink Priest strikes an imposing sight on the promontory.  "You shall not pass!"

As it turns out, the Skinks actually survive the assault on the Tower and hold it steadfast!  There is yet hope!

Turn 2a  Lizardmen

The valiant Skinks hand over the job of holding the Tower over to the more than capable Saurus Warriors.  However, in order to make the switch, the Skink Priest must leave the Tower, too.  He doesn't want to hang with the Skink Skirmishers, who will make a sacrificial maneuver, so the Priest finds a nice pocket to hide in.  It's a risk either way, though.

The Saurus Cavalry evade the Ellyrian Reavers, skirting just outside of their charge arc, leaving the Salamander to deal with them.

The lumbering Kroxigors have no hope of intercepting the fast cavalry unit of Ellyrian Reavers, but they can at least interfere with their movement and make way towards the less maneuverable, Elven Silver Helm heavy cavalry on the right flank.

In an attempt to save the Skink Skirmishers, the Skink Priest casts a boosted Wind Blast on the downstream Elven unit.  But the Elven Mage dispels it.

Turn 2b  High Elves

High Elves charge all of their obvious targets.  The Skink Skirmishers are crushed, but the Salamander gives as good as he gets and survives with one wound remaining.

In a key development of the battle, the Elf unit that crushed the Skink Skirmishers failed to Restrain their pursuit (despite the Banner of Discipline, even!), and they pursue out of position.

Turn 3a  Lizardmen

The Lizardmen take advantage of the odd position and assemble on the other side of the building to confront the Elven White Lions unit.  This spares the Saurus cavalry unit from a suicide run, and they turn their attentions elsewhere (totally forgetting to Swift Reform, which I just remembered as I write this...).

The Kroxigors force the hand of the Silver Helm heavy cavalry.

The Salamander defeats the Ellyrian Reavers but misses killing the final troop by 1 on the die.  Then fails to chase him down by 1 on the die!

The Skink Priest overlooks the fray below him and offers cheering support and military advice as best he can......."Hit 'im in the head!"

Apparently it was enough of a distraction to the High Elves that the Saurus win the combat and succeed in running down the unit!

The Sinister Statue looks stolidly on the battle, never bothering to interfere with his shocking anger.

Turn 3b  High Elves

The High Elves regroup towards the center.  The Ellyrian Reavers just barely squeeze by the Elven Phoenix Guard unit and make a surprise charge on the Tower, catching the preoccupied Skink Priest unawares and shutting him up in the dungeon.  The victory of defeating the White Lions is short-lived as I lose my Magic Phase.  Second game in a row!

The Ellyrian Reaver rallies on snake-eyes!

Turn 4a  Lizardmen

The Salamander ignores the dedicated Reaver.  He can't resist this perfect shot, to flame 3 units in a row!

Bwahahahaha!  Oh, yes, that's worth a close-up.....

The Ellyrian Reavers are destroyed, and the Phoenix are softened up.

Turn 4b  High Elves

Through clever charging angles, the High Elves manage a double-charge against the Saurus.  Another tricksy maneuver that I didn't see coming and makes me feel, yet again, that the battle will ultimately be lost.

But this is where it will be decided finally.  In the Blood and Glory scenario, in a 1000-point game, you pretty much have to kill the General.  Now we have a climactic match-up of General on General!

Turn 5a  Lizardmen

The remaining Lizardmen units desperately rush to the fray to aid the General's unit, while the battle rages!

Turn 5b  High Elves

Casualties mount on both sides, but both sides hold fast.  How will it end??!!

Turn 6a  Lizardmen

The Saurus Cavalry fail their charge!  But the Kroxigor come to save the day!  Rrraaarrrrr!

The Saurus General, Imtus'hexi, is protected from harm by the ancient artifact of his ancestors, the Stegadon Helm, and the Kroxigors bludgeon the High Elf command into a pulp, leaving their frail, broken bodies to float in the river, feeding the River of Blood with their own.  The battle is won!  Yay!

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