Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meditative insight at the summit of Lead Mountain

It took over two weeks of dedicated spare time (including a snow day!) to bring all of these minis (and the plinth) to this stage.  Filing, cleaning, pinning, gluing/assembling, initial basing/magnetizing, and priming.

So it suddenly occurs to me that, at this rate, I might not actually finish painting my lead mountain in my lifetime!

I honestly believed I would paint every figure that I've accumulated over the last 7 years.  Albeit, I fully expected it would take me well into retirement (if such a concept still exists for my generation, but let's not go there).

I now have my doubts.

In other news, Jody Siegel, master sculptor and owner of Imbrian Arts, posted on the company Facebook page the Imbrian Arts goblins that I painted last year.  I am thoroughly honored.

Check out Imbrian Arts for some of the best sculpts in the biznez.  If you like Arthur Rackham and Brian Froud, here's an artist who is channeling their mojo.

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