Sunday, February 2, 2014

Various WIP with airbrush

I'm getting some priming done on these models, now that I finally have the modeling part done.  I delayed priming the Crystal Brush candidates until I prepped two more Electrical Creations that I can add to my Malifaux games.  I'm also toying with adding other models to Marcus' crew.  The Silurids and Molemen that I already have painted just don't jive thematically with Cojo, so I'm looking at proxies for Myranda, Sabertooth Cerberus, Razorspine Rattler, Hoarcat Pride, Jackalope, and Guild Hounds.

But on to the task at hand.  Here, I've only primed the undersides and undercuts with black, leaving bare resin or metal on top.  The one exception is Mean Jellybean on the right, since he has a lot of deep recesses that I want to make sure get primed.

Gray primer on top.

Followed by a touch of white primer.  It's only apparent on Sapo, but everyone got it, with the exception of Mean Jellybean, again, since the high points on that model will probably actually be painted in dark colors, maybe even back to black.

Here's where things get interesting.  This is the first time I've actually tried airbrushing a figure with color.

This is under even light, roughly.  The shading is mainly from the primer layers.  This makes a great basecoat, on which I can build with the brush.

Kind of a cool transition of yellow to olive.

I don't have the control/experience/skill to actually [I]paint[/I] with precision with the airbrush yet.  I'm just blocking out areas in color still, much like priming.  It's good practice, though.


  1. Looking good so far, and I agree that the coloring with the airbrush is really tricky to get the hang of.. still trying to figure it out myself, but it really does help to block out the colors indeed! Looking forward to seeing progress on your Crystal Brush entries!

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting, Mr. Lee!

    Having gotten this far on the Crystal Brush candidates relieves a little bit of the pressure I feel to paint them. I feel more pressure to come up with a base for Mean Jellybean. I only have a loose concept in my head, and I lack enough raw materials to make that into reality, so I'll probably give attention to designing his plinth in the short term. Plus, I have more Malifaux projects encroaching on the modeling table!


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