Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On the modeling table

Avatars of War replied to my query concerning the mispacked Cerberus, and they say they're going to send me a proper body half.  Yay!  Unfortunately, it will probably take a few weeks to be shipped from Spain.

In the meantime, my Confrontation acquisition arrived, and there's a Dirz Cerberus in there that will make a good substitute.  He's the guy in the upper-right, stripped with Simple Green, seam-filled, and semi-based.

All of the models pictured are potential proxies for my Marcus crew for Malifaux.

The Chaos Hounds are from Game Zone.  The pieces fit pretty well for a change.  I forget who makes the slate bases.  A buddy pointed out that the second-wave beta is finalized, and the Guild Hounds happen to be Beasts, so Marcus can hire them for his crew.  There's a hound in the Resurrectionists, too, which will make an even closer complement to this particular Cerberus model, given the torn skin and all.  And how cool is it that some of the Chaos hounds have two heads?  Cerberus pups!

The model laying down is another Confrontation miniature -- a Kelt Fianna.  She might make a good sub for Myranda.  But I'm leaning more towards a Tharn Bloodtracker from Privateer Press (from Hordes, Circle of Orboros).

So this theme will be a lot tighter for Marcus.  A hunting party of beastly hounds, led by an alpha Cerberus, commanded by Myranda and Marcus as the super-alphas.  And then accompanied by a crazed, angry ape.  Just 'cause.

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