Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Upcoming Demo Day

Demo Day #2 is this coming Saturday.  I organized Demo Day #1 back in February (2012).  The concept is to showcase the smaller-volume miniatures games and give them some time in the sun, expanding the awareness among the miniatures community for these other games.  To that end, I intentionally exclude games that already enjoy strong market share and large player bases.  Specifically, those exclusions are:  Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine / Hordes, and Flames of War.

For Demo Day #1, I recruited game-hosts to demonstrate:

  • Dystopian Wars / Uncharted Seas.  A combined demo of Spartan Games' land/air/sea fleet and army battles, based in steampunk and fantasy settings, respectively.
  • Freebooter's Fate.  28mm skirmish in a light-hearted, fantasy pirate setting.
  • Anima Tactics.  28mm skirmish in an anime setting.
  • Infinity.  28mm skirmish in a near-future sci-fi setting, where hi-tech squads engage in pitched battles, covert operations, secret missions and black ops.
  • Crosstime Crossroads.  A homebrew 25mm skirmish game that features squads from any and all genres, racing and/or competing for squad-specific goals.

For Demo Day #2, We're swapping out Infinity for:

  • Hell Dorado.  28mm skirmish in a hell-ridden alternate-history Renaissance.

And we're adding:

  • MERCS.  28mm skirmish in a sci-fi setting, where dueling megacorporations duke it out.

We almost had a demo for the new game, Dropzone Commander, but the game-host had to drop out.  The setting for Dropzone Commander is far-future sci-fi, where the game focuses on insertion missions, mainly featuring 10mm-scale flying dropships, tanks, and walkers.

I'll be serving as an all-around host, networking with folks and filling in as a player, if we have a shortage of players, and/or serving as a game-host, if we have a shortage of game-hosts.  I'll probably demo the new Fantasy Flight game, X-Wing, since that game is fast and light-weight.

I'm tweaking the event format for Demo Day #2:

  • Morning session, starting at 10:30.
  • Early afternoon session, starting at 1:30.
  • Late afternoon open gaming.
  • Evening:  dinner, drinks, and after-action debriefs at a local tavern.

For open gaming, we already expect:

  • Muskets & Tomahawks.  28mm skirmish in the days of the French-Indian war.
  • Dust Warfare.  28mm platoon-based battles in alternate-history Weird World War II.

I hope to try out Dust Warfare.  I have enough of my own miniatures to try out a basic Axis platoon.  This game is basically an excuse for me to justify buying and playing with crazed cybernetically-enhanced gorillas.  Nothing quite compares to that.

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