Friday, October 5, 2012

Battle Report - Warhammer Fantasy - Bretonnians vs Skaven

This game was part of the Acquire! Campaign (Fall 2012) that I'm running for my extended gaming group.

I wrote the Acquire! campaign rules to enable players to game with any other player at any time, just like they do in casual gaming.  This approach differs from map-based campaigns, which require specific match-ups between players and requires a lot of book-keeping.  Because of real-life availability, map-based campaigns slow the frequency of play and steal the momentum of the overall campaign, sometimes causing them to fizzle instead of finish.  I'll explain more about Acquire! in a separate post.

The goals for this campaign are to motivate the group to meet new players, try new game systems, and build out new armies.  For me, this was a forcing function to play Warhammer 40K 6th Edition; learn how to play Bretonnians for Warhammer Fantasy; and expand my painted armies for Fantasy Orcs & Goblins and 40K Orks.

This was my third showing of the Bretonnians.  The campaign allows you to play two separate armies, and they're semi-static in composition, meaning your resources and choices are limited in how you muster and reinforce the two armies.  Theoretically, each army can afford two losses.  So you can hang in there and still win the campaign, even if you're carrying 3 or so losses.  Much more than that, and you probably want to start over anyway!  Luckily, the campaign system allows you do just that.  Clever, huh.

Well, I'm approaching that point.  Mark two losses for the Bretonnians.  And this loss was so devastating, I currently lack the resources to reconstitute the army.  One nice thing about the campaign system, though, is that I can trade my winnings from my one win and acquire more resources to rebuild the army.  Plus, we're playing escalation-style, so I can expect more army-points down the road as we grow the size of the armies and battles.  Plus, I have my second army to fall back on in the meantime.  Time to paint more Orcs and Goblins!

Here's a link to the full, picture battle report.

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