Sunday, June 4, 2017

A bombshell of a post

Goblins don't win spelling bees.

I crafted a nasty surprise for my Kings of War opponents -- a Goblin Bomb.  The sneaky little bastards leave one of these behind, after they've been Routed (or were they?......).

Technically, the artifact is called the Crystal Pendant of Retribution.  But I don't know any army that would thematically use a sparkly necklace to blow up all of their adjacent enemies.  Lame.  So, I made a good old-fashioned, Wile E. Coyote-style bomb.

Built from a wooden ball from Michael's craft store, some Plasticard pipe, and some modeling paste.
The graphic was painted freehand.

I wanted to have an accessory like this for the last 3 times that I've played my goblin army.  So, I rushed to put this project together in time for my game of Kings of War that was scheduled for today.

A Sunday Kings of War game, held at the Rocket Republic brewery.
My Goblin army on the bottom against an Elf army on top.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to deploy the bomb!

My Goblins and Orcs give their war cry, ready for battle!
Too bad they have a really crappy general, who's going to get them all killed...
Due to an egregious error, I sent my forces too far forward, too fast, and I set them up for not one, but two, double-charges against my units.

As usual, I feed my opponent easy kills.

I figured I would be on the losing end of a shooting war with Elves, so I advanced quickly to engage in melee.  I just didn't account for the enemy charge distances.  And I'm the one who insists on pre-measuring in my war-games!

My Goblin unit (lower right) should be where my Orcs are, screening against the two sylvan units.
The Goblins are the ones carrying the bomb, you idiots!
Man, that would have been glorious, if the Goblins had dropped the bomb at the feet of those two units.
My Trolls hang in there, but the tree-dudes pack a wallop.  The Trolls can't stand up to the combined forces, especially with the Fey Enchantress healing the Elves that my Goblin archers shot up on the way to the front line.

In the end, I got tabled.  Back to the drawing board!

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