Sunday, May 21, 2017

New projects

I've been slow on the uptake after Adepticon, given 1) a visit to New Orleans for Jazzfest, 2) a crazy work schedule, and 3) being ill with the flu for a week.  However, I have high ambitions to prepare for NOVA Open.  My goals are:
  • Expand my Lord of the Rings forces to play the Chaos in Arda game.
  • Prepare a Dark Age crew to play the beginner's event.
  • Prepare an Arena Rex crew to play my buddies, Oko and David.
  • Prepare profile cards for Mini Mayhem to play Aaron.
  • Paint around 4 projects for Capital Palette.
I have slim hopes of achieving all these objectives, given my work schedule for the summer, but I need to at least list them all out, if I'm to have any chance whatsoever.

To throw another wrench into the mix, I promised a Facebook friend that I would paint his favorite, vintage Warhammer Ogres.  I don't normally paint for other people (since I have enough projects of my own to last through retirement), but occasionally I feel obligated to thank someone for being an awesome person.  In Sylvano's case, I respect the labor and passion that he devoted towards producing (and acting in) a video about a former Roman legionnaire.  I have to confess that he sweetened the deal by offering a few rare, Rackham minis in exchange....  But I would have done it anyway, because the ogres look like a blast to paint.

Vintage Citadel Ogres ready for priming.

For my Dark Age project, I decided to build out a crew of Salt Flat Nomads for my first Dark Age force.  I really like the realistic and unique styling of the Nomads' clothing and gear.  Kinda a cross between Dune and Star Wars.

Salt Flat Nomad Herders and a Dust Bull, for Dark Age.
More figures to come, to fill out a 500-point crew.

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