Saturday, June 11, 2016

Frostgrave party

As in, a multi-player game of 8 players!  

Frostgrave is a testament to the power of the skirmish game.  A game like Frostgrave lends itself so much easier for gathering 8 dudes in one dining room and yucking it up with brats and beer for an evening of hilarity.

It's a hellacious brawl in the center of the table, as Donovan's Demons and Jeff's summoned Greater Demon vie for the Supertreasure (worth 3 normal treasures!).
Jeff had already won the game at this point, by his calculation, since his only objective was to successfully summon a Greater Demon...

Old Man Tumbergrumbler, his apprentice, Laddy Boy, and the crew had a much better showing in the dangerous alleys of Frostgrave.  They had a magnificent haul of 3 Treasure Chests, and they distinguished themselves in battle, to boot.

The Frost Giant moves in to protect his Supertreasure.
The Frost Giant gave a good pounding to several foolish warband members.

Two Orc Infantrymen even earned the following honorific to their respective names:  Demon-Killer.  Congratulations, Johnny Demon-Killer and Longshanks Demon-Killer!

Ho! What's this? Johnny, the Orc Infantryman, successfully dispatched the Greater Demon! And now he's going to try his luck on the Frost Giant. Unfortunately, Donovan's archer denied Johnny his well-deserved glory with a cheap shot from afar. Johnny is Badly Wounded and will miss the next game. But when he returns, he will return as Johnny Demon-Killer.

The highlights:
Old Man Tumbergrumbler threw a lucky Bone Dart into a Level-12 Wizard's face and took him out. 
Johnny killed a Major Demon, summoned by aforementioned Level-12 Wizard.
Longshanks killed a Minor Demon random monster.

Treasure #1:  100gc, Grimoire
Treasure #2:  50gc, Potions(2)
Treasure #3: 20gc, Magic Weapon/Armor
Grimoire: Reveal Invisible (pretty damn situational; what a piece of crap)
Potion #1: Potion of Invisibility (so with my Grimoire, I'll be able to see myself....)
Potion #2: Potion of Teleportation (oooo, sweet!)
Magic Weapon/Armor: Bow, +2 Damage.  Awarded to Nod, to compensate for former battle wounds.

Total points: 400 points.  +90 from previous games = 490 Experience.  Level 4!
Total gold crowns: 180gc.  +10gc in the Vault from previous games = 190gc

Meanwhile, more demon shenanigans are afoot. Rumscratch, the Treasure Hunter, (the sharkman on the right) is earning his title and making off with a pile of loot. Unfortunately, a Minor Demon has materialized to block his escape.

Level 4 advancements:
1. Improve Leap
2. Improve Health
3. Improve Bone Dart
4. Learn Imp

"Must...escape...with the treasure! Aaargg!"

Run, Rumscratch, run!

Yay! Longshanks, the Orc Infantryman, comes to the rescue and defeats the Minor Demon! One-handed even. Because the other hand is a hook. Although he's wielding a two-handed weapon. With one hand. And a hook for a second hand.  So I'm sure that must be legal. Ahem.

Well, in any case, he was rewarded for his efforts by being shot in the back by Troy's Apprentice. Luckily, Longshanks is only stunned by the ordeal, and he will return next game as Longshanks Demon-Killer!

190gc and -5gc to hire each new Soldier allows me to hire both a Knight and a Templar!
Sonny is fired.  Johnny Demon-Killer...thank you for your service.
I wish to welcome to the team Bruce the Knight and Ragnarok the Templar.


  1. Thanks for putting this up, Shades! I've been meaning to get a game of Frostgrave in. I've been concerned, with reading the rules, on how fragile the soldiers are - the game is almost entirely focused on the spellcasters. Good to see your fighters "making names for themselves", as it were.

    1. Sure thing, Kevin! Part of what makes the game appealing as a beer-and-pretzels game is the fact that a player goes into the game without high expectations of survival for his henchmen. They're all expendable, even the ones with upgrades. And the wild swings of the d20 reinforce the notion that anything can happen, in either direction. I did not expect to take out a Level 12 Wizard!

      And even when an expensive henchman or even your Wizard gets killed, odds are good that they'll be back next game. And if they're not, no biggie. All the players in our group are keen to try different types of Wizards, and there's not so much "invested" in any character that it feels like a loss of significant time and development, like the loss of an RPG character might.

      The rules are light-hearted and fast, and they lend themselves to frivolity. I suspect the game probably shines at 4 players, so that there is yet another "balancer" for the game, and there is just that much more camaraderie.


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