Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k

Fellow NOVA Open & Capital Palette super-enthusiasts, Greg Hess, Todd Sherman, and John Stiening, have organized a painting challenge for the month of ....Dreadtober!

Basically, everyone paints an Ork Killa Kan (or 3) or some kind of Orky Dreadnought.  For fun!  We share and compare at the end of the month.  Or show your progress during the month, if you want to show WIPs.

Check out the details on Greggle's blog and join the fun!

In other news, I'll be checking out the Redstone Rumble this weekend, in the hopes of ferreting out the elusive, miniatures gaming scene in Huntsville.

And speaking of works in progress, I've been working on my Leaders and Specialists for my Teknes crew for Wrath of Kings...


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Kan you knock out! 8)

    1. Thanks, Todd! Unfortunately, my Kans won't be too extravagant, in terms of conversion, pose, or diorama. I'm painting some Kans that I bought off of Oko, which are already assembled and primed. So it's basically just going to be a paint-job, and I'm hard-pressed to keep up with the weathering experts that you guys have become! I'm going to experiment and learn a lot of techniques that are already second-hand to you guys. Which is kinda my goal for this project -- to get in some practice and follow down the trail that you guys are blazing. I have some rough ideas for colors and techniques that I want to try, but I'm pretty much going to make it up as I go along. One cool thing I'll be able to add to the mix, though, are those fancy decals and stencils that I bought NOVA.

    2. That sounds great Mike. This really was all about just us painting some similar things and seeing how different they all turned out. One of my fav things (and one of the reasons this originally came up at the palette), was when GW gave that free sigmar mini with the white dwarves. All of a sudden hundreds of artists all had the exact same figure, and they all painted it in so many wonderful ways!

      The thing about art, is no matter how hard you try not to, a bit of yourself always gets into the model and paint, and that is my favorite part!

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