Sunday, August 16, 2015

WIP - Guild Ball

I'm adding Guild Ball to the mix.  I'm starting with my favorite crew, The Fishermen.  I hope to finish this crew in time to enter it into the Capital Palette.  I've roughed out the skin tones, and I need to see them on-screen to help me see what direction to take them:

I wanted them to look a bit bronzed, by being in the sun, as opposed to the pale white complexion in the studio paint-jobs.  However, the girl in front initially turned out too yellow, and I had to bring in some lighter tones and roses to help shift the color.  The guy on the right is a bit yellow, too, but he can work out, whereas the girl initially looked too unnatural.  The big guy turned out closer to what I had in mind. 


  1. I like the varying skin tones. As a batch painter, I tend to make all of my troops have identical skin color. These models look really good. Keep plugging. You can get these done in time.

  2. Thanks, John! I can't believe how little time is left!


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