Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project churn

Since finishing the additions to my Malifaux crews for Battle for Salvation, my painting projects have been a mix of continuing projects and new projects of "the new (or old) shiny" interjecting themselves into the queue.

I continue to work on Mark's sci-fi/fantasy/cyberpunk/post-apoc crew for Metamorphosis Alpha...

Also fighting for attention are:
  • Celtic Cavalry for SAGA
  • Orc Pikemen for War of the Ring
  • Dark Elf Black Guard and Shades for Warhammer Fantasy
  • Finishing Metal Gamins for Malifaux
As well as expanding my Malifaux crews with new models and proxies:

The Privateer Press Carnivean on the left is my proxy for the Slate Ridge Mauler, and the antlered Reaper Wendigo is my proxy for the Blessed of December.

The Carnivean was assembled and primed a few years ago. You can see what a big difference there is between single-color aerosol primer versus dual-tone airbrushed primer.

The December Acolyte in the front-right was taken from bare-metal in the blister, to filed, cleaned, pinned, assembled, based, primed, and tinted in an hour-and-a-half, the night before I wanted to use her in our weekly game.

In the game, the December Acolyte  got to use her Harpoon Gun, but wasn't able to drag her target off the objective, liked I had hoped to. Turned out OK, though -- the second shot just killed the target outright. Bwuhahahahahaa!

Here's more work on the Carnivean / Slate Ridge Mauler.  This was initial color-sketching with the airbrush.

And here is some more progress.  I still need to enrich colors and work on distinguishing specific elements.

Due to real-life disruptions with my real job, my project priorities and pace will be in even further confusion and unpredictability for probably the rest of the year. 

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