Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WIP - Various

Finally assembled, ready for priming.  This shot shows how I used Milliput to create a transition between the integrated base and the third-party cavalry base.  My Milliput is probably decades old.  One component is crusty and leaves crumbs in the mix, so this application is about all it's good for now.

After priming.  A lot of projects in the works!

Top to bottom, L to R:
  • Minotaurs from Godslayer (for Warhammer and Mini Mayhem). 
  • Celtic Cavalry from Warlord (for SAGA). 
  • Repair work on purchased Dark Elf Black Guard (for Warhammer).
  • Repair work on purchased Dark Elf Shades (for Warhammer).
  • Various cyberpunk for my friend, Mark (for Metamorphosis Alpha)

Coming soon:  Warhammer Fantasy, Triumph & Treachery!

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