Saturday, July 5, 2014

WIP - On the assembly table

These are the kind of files that make short work of the metal gunk on the bottom of bases.  I filed all 10 horses somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes.  It would have been double or triple that, just using my usual triangular file.

Here I've used a Milliput slurry to fill in all the pitting on the front two horses' rumps and neck.  Unfortunately, it's hard to tell how smooth the final result is until I prime the models.  I think there will still be "shallows" and dimples, but this should be good enough for tabletop quality.

I also glued metal plates on the underside of the black, plastic bases.  The metal plates are slightly larger than the plastic cavalry bases, and the edges of the metal plates are somewhat sharp.  So that meant filing the corners and rounding them off.  More work than I bargained for, but it will make for some solid game-pieces that will feel good to handle on the tabletop.  The metal plates not only add heft, but also serve to transport the miniatures in magnetized containers.

Having based all these horses on individual bases, I finally now understand why the historical players prefer basing multiple models on "stands".  You can position the models much more realistically on stands, staggering the front-back positions and varying the distance between models.  Much more organic and pleasing to the eye.  On the other hand, basing them individually gives me the option to use them in either skirmish games, using the models individually, or in mass-combat games, using the models in rank-and-file formations.

Finally, here's my conversion for Joss, for my Ramos crew in Malifaux.  I like the official Wyrd model a lot, but it's only available in the full Ramos set, which I don't need.  This model is from the game, Eden, and I outfitted him from various salvaged pieces from my bitz box.

The original model holds a wrench instead of an axe.  I kept the wrench handle and epoxied on an axe-head, I think from Confrontation.  The cable and counterweight are the usual stand-ins from guitar strings.  The other end of the cable emerges from a power-pod on his back, not from out of his head, which is what this camera angle suggests.

I green-stuffed the mohawk.  It might need a little tweaking once it's cured a little more.

This guy is a beast in-game.  His Pneumatic Fist has one of the most brutal damage stats in the game.  I look forward to seeing him on the tabletop.

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