Sunday, December 8, 2013

Regiments of Renown Returns

I feared Regiments of Renown was going to wither on the vine.  As it so happens, I requested to play it as my birthday wish, and my good pal, Steve, was willing to humor me.  The games were such a blast, we may very well keep the momentum moving forward after all!

We planned to play a 3-round series, plus a game of Malifaux, so that Steve could gain some practice with his Colette crew.  While we did play 3 games of Regiments of Renown, we treated the first game as a throw-away, instructional game, so that Steve could refresh himself on basic Warhammer rules, and so that both of us could work out the kinks that Regiments of Renown adds to the game.  Of our follow-on "proper" games, we both won one game, and we decided to save the tie-breaker for another day!

Steve played Bretonnians, and I played my same Orcs & Goblins list.  We kept the terrain the same and just switched sides -- the confrontation takes place in a swampy, jungle, near a ruined fort.

Here is a photo from our first competitive game.  It is at the end of Turn 1, and the Orcs rush out from the safety of the jungle canopy, risking the open ground while in sight of the Bretonnian archers.  Luckily for the Orcs, the archers are mere, untrained peasants, and they can't shoot for crap.

Meanwhile, on back side of the fort, the Squig Hoppers and Goblin Wolf Rider harass the Bretonnian noble and his Yeoman accomplice, in an effort to delay or prevent them from flanking the Orc main force.

'Tis a suicide mission for the poor gobbos (even the Squigs' ravenous maws can't bite through that damn plate mail), but they succeed in delaying the Bretonnian hero wannabe.  His impetuous plan spells doom on the men-at-arms that he left behind.  They are felled by goblin arrows, orc choppas, and one lone, but very hungry, Squig.

Here is the deployment for the final game, with the Bretonnians using the dense landscape to force Squig Hoppers to risk charging through the mucky swamp.

The noble knight again, impetuously, leads the way with his Yeoman, taunting and baiting the gaggle of orcs and gobbos.  Perhaps not what he quite expected, all three Squig Hoppers launch across the swamp, along with the Rockjaw, the orc Leader, and his Regimental Standard-bearer, to boot.  Every one of them survive the dash across the swamp!

The battle becomes a protracted stalemate, as neither Leader can manage to kill the other.  Bretonnians manage to kill enough of the other combatants, though, to force a Rout test, which the low-Leadership Orcs indeed fail, and they abandon the field.

We shall meet again, human scum, and you shall be crushed under our green heel!


  1. Great after battle report! Glad you are having fun again with the game. :)

  2. Thanks for commenting, Sean! I'm glad someone out there actually reads and enjoys the battle reports.

  3. I'd love to see more of your Bretonians.

    1. Thanks, Baconfat. As it turns out, I rarely play my Bretonnian army. I usually opt for my Lizardmen or Dark Elves. Those are two armies I painted myself, whereas I purchased the Bretonnians from a friend who commissioned a painting service to paint the Brets -- Blue Table Painting was the painting service company, I'm pretty sure.

      In any case, I'll post some pics of the Brets the next time I get them on the table.

      Thanks for commenting!


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