Sunday, October 20, 2013

Squig Hoppers complete

Heading out full-speed to the Regiments of Renown games!

I met most of my goals with this project, but I got burnt out before I could really dress them up and fine-tune them.  That's OK, though.  My buddy, Oko, is going to hook me up with more Squig Hoppers, so that I can try some other ideas down the road.

Goals that I met:
-  Brightly colored squigs, across the violet-to-orange range, using a combination of washes and wet-blending.
-  Distinct facial expressions for both the squigs and the goblins, to showcase their personality.
-  Sufficient contrast to distinguish both the squigs and the goblins.
-  Different patterns on the hoods' trim.

Goals I didn't meet:
-  More colors on the goblins.
-  Skin patterns or mottling on the squigs.
-  One more pass on blends and details.

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