Sunday, September 23, 2012


Welcome to the launch of Mini Mayhem - The Blog!  I'm writing this blog to document my personal activity in the hobby of tabletop miniatures games, including:

  • Painting miniatures, ranging from tabletop quality to display quality.
  • Playing games -- mainly fantasy, sci-fi, and alternative, but with an eye towards historical, too -- both skirmish and army-scale.
  • Designing my own game, which I've been working on since 2006, called...Mini Mayhem!
  • Organizing events.  I organize local Demo Days to showcase the lesser known miniatures games, and I volunteer time to the NOVA Open, a large wargame tournament/convention in Arlington, Virginia.
I named my game "Mini Mayhem" at the time of its inception in 2006.  At the time, the only name conflict I found was a site dedicated to fans of the Mini Cooper.  Doing a quick blog scan today, I find one blog devoted to a cute Roller Derby girl, and I see a blog similar to mine, named Mini Metal Mayhem.  My apologies if I'm stepping on any toes out there!  Although I'm sure the Roller Derby girl is tough enough to handle it.

The reason I'm starting a blog is because I already maintain a fairly regular painting diary on the painting forum, WAMP.  I have so much more activity in the hobby (some of it very exciting and new -- at least to me!), that I decided to expand both the scope of my diary as well as the scope of my audience.  I expect to write short but fairly regular content, and I'll probably continue to dual-post to WAMP.

If you're interested in checking out essentially the backlog of this blog, check out these Work in Progress (WIP) threads on WAMP:

 Next up:  a new hobby ADD snapshot state-of-affairs.  What are the multitude of projects I'm working on?

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  1. A nice little Blog you've got here.

    I'll plonk it on my Blog roll.



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